About us

The Harro Group of organisations provide a wide range of services within the pump industry in offering fluid handling solutions. Within the group we are committed to providing the highest quality service within the industry. All organisations within the Harro Group employ specially trained personnel to deal with our clients’ needs efficiently and to provide solutions using reliable and proven products.

Within the group, all the different departments work closely together, utilising skills from different backgrounds and experience. This means that Harro Group are the best placed to design and provide excellent products for all of our clients’ site specific requirements. Harroquip Pump Systems started in 1999 meaning that within the group we have amassed years of technical knowledge and engineering expertise.

What we do

Harro Group provide solutions within the pumping and fluid handling industries from design to after sales and maintenance. Within the group we have two organisations offering the following services.

Our values

Our clients are at the centre of Harro Group’s Values. We are an open and honest company offering the highest quality service.






Harroquip is a market leading company in the specification and supply
of pumps.

Harroquip have a large service and maintenance division offering workshop and onsite maintenance to pumps and pumping systems.



Advantage Pumping Solutions have extensive experience in designing, manufacturing and supplying pumping systems.

Advantage manufacture pumping systems to the highest standards utilising proven and effective products, providing our clients the peace of mind they deserve.